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Chrisman Framing offers personalized custom picture framing services in the Portland, OR area for fine art, photographs, prints, posters, shadowboxes, and more. We'll help you choose the right design, color, and materials to put your art in its best light. Whether you’re looking for a small frame or something to showcase an entire wall, Chrisman offers the perfect blend of expertise and artistic elegance to help you arrive at just the right option.

Custom Picture Framing is an art form at Chrisman Framing. Our skilled designers can help you create a unique picture frame design for your favorite artwork. We offer museum quality materials and an impressive selection of frames so you can find the perfect style. With more than 40 years of industry experience and a steadfast commitment to personalized customer care, our locally owned and operated, custom frame shops have helped countless satisfied customers make the most of their memories and decor.

With over 40 years of combined professional experience and a dedicated, attentive staff, we'll strive to make finding the right frame and mat combination for your art and photo project an easy and enjoyable experience.

We love framing, but most of all we enjoy giving your framed art or memorabilia a unique character all its own. We want you to be proud of your finished artwork and treasure it as much as we do your business!

Come visit one of our locations in the Portland, OR area for a free framing consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members.

Preservation Framing

For over 30 years, we have been providing galleries, museums, public and private collectors, artists, and individuals with custom preservation framing solutions and conservation framing services.


At Chrisman Framing, our primary concern is to create a safe and protective environment in which to preserve the life and value of your artwork. Over the years, our staff has handled a vast array of artworks made from a wide variety of materials. We believe every piece of art requires individual consideration to determine the appropriate frame, treatment, adhesives and matting options.

The techniques and materials we use are designed to preserve and protect your artwork. We often see artwork that has been improperly framed with acidic materials or inappropriate adhesives which cause damage especially to artworks on paper.

Signs of artworks on paper in need of conservation:


This refers to small spots (often brown in color) across the surface of the artwork and is a result of acidic build-up.


Often, an acidic mat will leave a dark brown stain where it came in contact with the artwork. Acidic backing boards can cause staining as well.

Deteriorated Adhesives:

In appropriate adhesives and tapes can cause severe damage, as they contain active chemistry which continues to deteriorate paper. These adhesives often harden and become brittle, turning orange/brown in color, and causing the artwork to do the same.

What things need Conservation Framing?

Items of historical, resale, collectible or simply sentimental value will require conservation framing. Anything you would like preserved for the enjoyment of future generations is a candidate for conservation framing.

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Can't express the thanks enough for the excellent framing we have had done here."
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